What is the Average Number of Homes Realtors Sell?

I want to discuss how many properties the average realtor will sell in a year, but before I can give you the answer to that question, you need to know the context.

There are currently over 14,000 realtors in the Greater Vancouver Reginal District, compared to the year 2000, when there were only about 5,200 realtors. The reason there are so many more realtors now is because we’ve had a huge upswing since 2000. Actually, I joined in 2000 as well;  I was one of those.

I remember writing my Real-Estate licence and people thought; what were you doing? Why would you ever want to get into Real-Estate in Vancouver? Luckily, I did and my friends all bought houses.  I started my career that way.

Now, we're seeing about 2,200 realtors leaving the industry because things are settling out a little bit. We're noticing that the 80/20 percent rule applies here as well, as in many industries in the world. 20% of the realtors do about 80% of the business.

So, there are 20% of us out there being realtors full time. For example, I completed about 38 transactions last yea, and I hope to do more this year. I take the job very seriously. If I can get any extra savings for my buyers or any extra dollars in that sale price for my sellers, that’s the goal.

When you look at average number of homes that realtors are selling now, the average is just 5 houses or condos each year.

To help put this into perspective, if I went for a big operation, and I was going to see a surgeon, I would not want the surgeon who had only done 5 operations that year. It’s a big part of what you need to look at when hiring a realtor.

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