Purchasing Real Estate Outside of BC

The Vancouver real estate market has seen major growth over the past years, and we’re now seeing many people moving elsewhere so they can take advantage of the growth in their homes.

People are either downsizing from a house to a condominium or moving to a new region so that they can cash out of the current market to help set themselves up for retirement.

For example, if you purchased a home in Vancouver in the 1980’s for $200,000 and it’s now worth $2 Million, you could purchase a home in a new community for $1 Million and have another $1 Million leftover to live off of and retire on.

As people are moving to smaller communities, we’re seeing the price in those communities increase as well. At RE/MAX, we have a great referral system and we can help find you a great agent that specializes in your area. They’ll guide you through the purchasing process to ensure you find something that’s structurally sound, keeping your money safe.

Watch my video below to learn more, and be sure to contact me if you’re considering making a move like this.