How to Price Your Home Correctly

The single most important thing when marketing your home is pricing it correctly. There are actually even dangers to pricing it incorrectly.

You can have the right realtor, the right staging, marketing plan. The best house in the neighbourhood, but if you price it too high, no one is going to come look at it!

For example, if your house is worth 1.3M and you put your house at 1.5M, the people that are going to come your home; they will have seen everything else on the market worth 1.5 million, so by the time they get to your home, your home might not measure up since it's only worth 1.3M. And on the other end, the people that can afford the 1.3M aren't going to come into the home, thinking they can’t afford it.

So the single most important thing you have to do, is price your home correctly.

Look at the market. Look at comparable sales, what sold recently for the same price and market it correctly according to those sales comparables.

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