Get $500 in FREE Furniture From ScanDesign!

Effective immediately and until the end of April, if you use Spagnuolo & Company Real Estate Lawyers for your real estate transaction, will receive a certificate entitling you to savings of up to $500 on the first $1,000 of furniture purchased at ScanDesign.  In addition, there is an additional savings of 10% if you purchase a Stylus product. 

These certificates are absolutely free. There is no cost to you for these certificates.  Also, they are fully transferrable.  If you do not wish to use the certificate but have family or friends that do, the certificate can be given to them.

With savings of up to $500, legal fees are almost ZERO.  

For more information on using Spagnuolo & Company Real Estate Lawyers for your next transation, contact me at 604-619-0199 or 

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$500.00 Furniture Discount